A Capella?

oops. singing without using instruments? how's that? gempak kan? ni haa. movie pitch perfect. ak meroyan tgok movie ni. rasanya 9898 kali ak ulang. serius speechless. teringin nk buat mcm tu tp tada bakat lak. setakat buat bunyi drum boleh la kot. :) ya Allah. genius betol. tak penah lak terpikir sebelum nih. sungguh berbakat mak kiah semua nih. *geleng-geleng

Barden Bellas retrieved from Pitch Perfect Movie

Mike Tompkins

Life is A,B,C

Life is not easy as we think. Day by day, we grow up. Time flies too fast. As we become an elder, that's too many things that we need to think. Me too as well. I need to face everything. I love to make others happy. Smile for me. But I know deeply inside of my heart, a sorrow. Oh. No. No. Not only a sorrow but many and many and so many sorrow that I kept inside of my heart. A child, who doesn't know anything about life but me. I can handle it on my own. Everything. If someone keep make me hurt, I choose to shut my mouth and keep very deep inside of my heart. I think no one can dig it. Perhaps. :) A tear. A tear. Yes a tear. Just a tear can make me calm. But, Allah is the best.  He knows everything. He always keep accompanying me. I love Him more than anything. Syukran Allah for everything. Allahuakbar!!